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2015 ATEE Award in Innovative use of ICT in Education sponsored by ROUTLEDGE

09 October 2015 - ATEE

The ATEE Award in Innovative use of ICT in Education has been established to recognize and encourage outstanding education programs that have contributed to enhancing student learning by effectively and innovatively integrating technology supported learning into the school curriculum and subject teaching, and thereby promote enquiry-based cooperative and collaborative learning using ICT. This award also aims to recognize school’s contribution to overall quality of ICT based education.
The successful submission will be awarded 600 euros, provided by the sponsor ROUTLEDGE. The ATEE Treasury will inform the winner/s of the refund policy. In the case of a collaboration of school teachers, the school is to decide how the award is to be distributed. It is suggested that the award should be used to contribute to the further development of ICT in the school. The ATEE Treasury will inform the winner/s of the refund policy.

Submission of document/s

• A comprehensive Portfolio is required showing the ways in which ICT has been integrated into the day by day teaching and learning in the school. An explanation of the aims for and outcomes expected from the programme should be included along with the development of digital resources and the theoretically grounded selection of available digital resources, their adoption, exploration and further development of ICT tools, including support to the community. A reflection on outcomes and further research to be done is encouraged.
• School Portfolios may be included in their original language but a short explanation of contents in English should be added.
• Submitted Portfolios must be between 4000 and 6000 words. They can be presented by a school, preferably by a staff member of the school who is a member of ATEE or has attended an ATEE conference in the three years preceding the Award year, or by a school that is a partner school of an institution belonging to ATEE, in which a collective of teachers have implemented an innovative project. The Portfolio may also be done in partnership with a University providing teacher education courses for prospective teachers, for instance one that is used during Practicum. In this case, the school hosting the Practicum must be the lead institution and submit the work. Please enquire if you have questions about your eligibility to the email address given below.
• Participants are only permitted to present one Portfolio.
• English is the preferred language but Portfolios may be written in French, or German, in which case a 1000 word resume in English should be attached. All entries should be Word documents attached to an email sent to the address below. Upon submission, applicants must include name, title, institution, mailing address, phone and email of the contact person.
• The deadline for the presentation of Portfolios is 31 December 2015 for the award re-announced at the Glasgow Conference in August 2015.
• All entries must be submitted to:
• Submissions will be evaluated by the ATEE Scientific Committee. An Award will not be made when insufficient bids are received or where no submission is of high enough quality to fully fulfil the criteria set for the award. The winner of the award will be revealed at the ATEE annual conference and the awarded Portfolio will also be announced on the ATEE's website.

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