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2014 ATEE Annual Conference - Transitions in Teacher Education and Professional Identities

25 August t/m 27 August 2014


The University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, will host the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) annual conference 2014, taking place in August, 25 to 27. The ATEE is a non-profit European organization, whose aim is to enhance the quality of Teacher Education in Europe and to support the professional development of teachers and teacher educators at all levels.
The 2014 ATEE Annual Conference focuses on Transitions in Teacher Education and Professional Identities and it aims at fostering a deep discussion of several issues related to the conference theme.
Proposals for oral presentations and posters will be welcome on February and March. Texts relative to papers and posters presented at Conference will be refereed and, if accepted, published in the conference proceedings.
The ATEE Annual conference offers an opportunity to share and discuss research with people from all over the world. Besides, due to the nature of this organization, based on Research and development Centres (RDCs, it also offers an opportunity for the establishment of join research projects development and paper publication.
The conference target population is made of teacher educators, teachers, prospective teachers and other professionals somehow related to teacher education or to the teaching profession.

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Teaching is a complex set of processes that requires not only cognitive and technical procedures but also personal and social skills, so that it can address and respect the whole person. Teachers as professionals hold views of themselves into relation to others, the workplace, their students and the teaching situation.

These views may influence the ways how both teachers face transitions and their conceptions and practices change over the life course, as well as how teachers’ professional development takes place in and across social contexts. ‘Teacher Identity’ is a complex concept that focuses on the holistic, dynamic, and situated nature of teacher development. Therefore, Teacher Identity is not only affected by transitions in the context they operate as teachers but it can also become a useful frame of reference for research into teacher education and teacher professional development. In addition, European educational policies have implications for teaching and teacher education and they may affect teachers’ professional identities and the way they act in the teaching situation.

Proposals for papers/presentations at the conference may be submitted in two categories:

•empirical research
•theoretical study
An empirical research is typically focused on qualitative and/or quantitative data. A theoretical study is focused on educational issues and/or reviews of the literature.

You are invited to submit abstracts for:

•poster sessions
Formats, submission and presentation

Each participant can present two papers and/or posters maximum.

Abstracts must be submitted by e-mail ( ) from February 1 to March 31.


Preliminary Programme (subject to changes)

Sunday 24th August

15.00-16.30 AC meeting
16.30-18.00 AC+RDCs+organising committee meeting
18.00-19.30 WFATE meeting

Monday 25th August

9.30 opening ceremony
10 -11.00 keynote address (Rui Vieira De Castro)
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-12.30 welcome (newcomers meeting)
12.30 - lunch
14.00-15.30 parallel session
15.30-16.00 coffee break
16-17.30 RDCs meetings
17.30-19 editorial board meeting/parallel session
19.00 Welcome reception

Tuesday 26th August

9.00 – 10.00 Keynote address
10.00 – 10.30 coffee break
10.30 - 130 parallel session
12.30 Lunch
14 – 15.30 Presidential address and General Assembly
15.30 – 15.45 Coffee break
15.45 – 16.30 EC speaker
16.30 – 17.30 parallel session
Departure to Social Dinner – 18h00

Wednesday 27th August

9.30-10.30 Keynote speaker (Kay Livingston)

10.30 -11.00 coffee break 10.30 – 11.00
11.00-12.30 roundtable
12.30 lunch
14.00-15.30 RDCs
15.30-16.00 coffee break
16.00-17.30 Parallel session
17.30-18.00 Closing session
18.00 AC+RDCs and final AC meeting


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ATEE Annual Conference 2014
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